Bingo Earning Apps

Are you in search of extra income on-the-go? Look no further than bingo earning apps; they provide players with an opportunity to do just that by rewarding their time with cash or gift cards.

Make money playing bingo on your smartphone using these apps! Finding one that satisfies both fun and financial considerations will be key.

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is an authentic skill-based bingo app with a 4.7 star rating on iOS that allows users to compete for real cash prizes. It provides a fun way to make extra money.

It features a free play feature to let you practice speed and accuracy before entering paid tournaments, and also has power ups that you can strategically use to increase scores and increase chances of victory.

This game’s user-friendly gameplay and intuitive interface make it perfect for beginners as well as more experienced gamers, and includes social elements that enable gamers to connect with others and collaborate in playing together.

To score high, it is essential that you daub quickly and precisely, while making use of boosters wisely in order to increase points.

Bingo Cash tickets can also be earned by participating in free games and referring friends, which you can then exchange for cash or other incentives.

Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is a free mobile app developed by Skillz that enables users to enjoy a fast-paced bingo game while earning real cash prizes. According to App Store reports, over 5 million users have downloaded Blackout Bingo!

The game features a skill-based approach and seeks to pair you up with players of similar ability levels, which not only allows you to develop your skills further but can make gameplay somewhat challenging as well.

Beginners might start out by playing $1 matches, which require both players to place bets of $0.60 against each other and play head-to-head; the winner gets one dollar while their opponent loses his entry fee.

Sooner or later, you can upgrade to higher tiers such as $5, $10, $20, $30 and $50 that offer greater bonuses in terms of bonus Ticketz redeemed for prizes or entering cash competitions.


Mistplay is a free app that provides a way to earn points while playing mobile games on smartphones or tablets and redeem these points for gift cards or cash rewards.

The platform was created with gamers in mind, offering a safe and friendly gaming environment with an active community where they can share their favorite games as well as discuss tips and tricks.

To use Mistplay, users must reside in one of the countries supported by Mistplay – currently this includes the US, CA, Singapore and many European nations.

Mistplay tracks your progress using Game Experience Points (GXP) and Player Experience Points (PXP), with more GXP and PXP earned with each successive game played. As more GXP and PXP is earned over time.

Purchases, Bonus Tasks and Badges are among the many ways you can accumulate units. There’s even a weekly contest where you could win 7,500 units!

Players not only earn Units through Mistplay profile rank and purchases but they can also accumulate GXP and PXP through achievements within games. These awards help increase Mistplay profile rank while expanding in-app purchases.


AviaGames is a mobile skill-based gaming company headquartered in the Bay Area of California with the mission of building an accessible global social gaming platform where anyone can compete to win cash prizes.

Pocket7Games, its flagship product, provides a centralized gaming platform with over 10 unique games linked to one membership and wallet system for seamless switching among casino, puzzle, action card math and brain games.

This free game can be found for iOS and Android, offering multiple player competition modes and various bonuses – such as cash tournaments with entry fees as low as $1.

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