Technological advancements have made Online Gambling more Popular than Before!

Gambling on the internet has grown more popular than ever before due to the worldwide epidemic. Traditional betting shops and land-based casinos have closed down because of COVID which means that more people are registering onto various online casinos to retain their fortunes. By becoming a member on a virtual gaming platform, they will receive better odds, promotions, bonuses, and a brilliant welcome package. 

Moving on from the pandemic, in this infographic, you will see timeline events of historical and key moments throughout poker. Of course, the main event which was in 1998 which was the first release of an online poker website, now fast forward, there are over 2,000 online casino platforms for the public to register and gamble from. As well as this, 2006 was key as well because casino apps were published and being developed so members can play on their smart device and were able to play from any given location if they had a strong internet connection.

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