BC.GAME to Offer $100,000 Prize in Lottery Event

Argentina’s historic win in the recent 2022 FIFA World Cup has brought forth heaps of celebrations from its supporters and football fans around the world. Faced against defending champions France, Argentina managed to one-up the former in a penalty shootout, ending the final game with a 4-2 score as the latter emerged World Cup victors.

The victory marks the country’s third win in the World Cup, thirty-six years since its last. It also adds a new achievement to the Argentinian football team’s roster of championships while making Messi the most-awarded football player to date now that he has the grandest football recognition on his belt.

BC.GAME Hosts Lottery Event

As the Argentine Football Association’s official crypto casino sponsor, BC.GAME couldn’t be prouder to celebrate this legendary victory by hosting a massive lottery event. In this event, players get the chance to win a huge cash prize up to $100 000 on top of other exciting activities and announcements. More details about this will be disclosed to qualified VIP players either through email or platform notifications.

The crypto casino has held various events in recent months, the lottery event now soon to become part of this list. For one, there is the Coco Carnival craze where everyone can grab the chance to have their own share of the $2.1 million prize pool by simply placing wagers on the platform. There’s also an event where players and users can snatch the exclusive Messi-signed AFA jersey where they get one chance per day to do so. All players needed to do was to place a bet, and the person with the highest payout gets the jersey for themselves.

AFA Collaborates with BC.GAME

It’s worth mentioning that the crypto firm has recently entered into agreement with the AFA, making it its official sponsor throughout the World Cup tournament. Crypto Casino of the Year BC.GAME was consistent in its support to the Argentinian football team throughout the matches, hosting fun games, activities, and events so players and gamblers will also be encouraged to support.

This is also why Argentina’s victory means numerous exciting possibilities for the entire crypto casino and football community. As partners, AFA and BC.GAME work to help each other promote their respective brands through social media engagement and activities as well as venturing into newer yet broader markets to do so. With Argentina being the World Cup champions, players can expect increased sports betting events and activities across the world that they can conveniently take part in whenever they prefer.

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