SlotV: Our adventurous 2020

We all can agree that 2020 was one of the most challenging years of the decade, especially for people who continuously search for adventures due to the closed borders.

Understanding that, we, in SlotV, tried to make the time that our players and subscribers had to spend on their houses as attractive as possible by providing stories, good news, new slots, activities, and even a giveaway.

But let’s be consistent.

I’m Winner – the indispensable mascot of SlotV, and I will tell you everything that had happened to us during 2020.

A little expansion

In 2020 we established our space base in Sweden, and in 2021 we will create the new one in Germany.

Step-by-step, we are going to discover the Earth. But this is a plan for the future!

Before the lockdown

Last year in January, Captain Victor visited LAC 2020 – the most significant gambling event that collects all representatives from the sphere every year. I saw an admiration on his face after this event.

He documented this adventure in this video.

Then the lockdown happened!

Let’s talk about adventures

One of the first significant developments you can find on our website is the blog.

Yes, last year, we finally launched our blog where we share with our fans different stories from our lives (Captain Victor and mine, of course).

You can read about all discoveries that we have already made – from the expedition to the moon to monitoring black holes. I think one time, Captain Victor has even shared the recipe for his famous pasta carbonara.

Well, you should check it out!

Our social networks

Due to the coronavirus situation, we tried to focus attention on our social networks and create some interesting content that could grab our subscribers’ attention.

We share some good news, exciting compilations, gambling advice, and, of course, the new slot machines and big tournaments on our Instagram. We just wanted to raise the spirit of our players.

By the way, our players can always contact us through direct messages through chat on our website.

We also had several giveaways with pretty awesome prizes during the year – from an electric scooter to the new iPhone 11 or Xbox console.

So, if you want to win a promo code or some cool gadgets, subscribe to our social networks!

In Sweden, we collaborated with famous bloggers who shared their lives’ adventures. Some stories were fascinating.

And we tried our best to create the Instagram mask, and Captain and I are pretty satisfied with the result.

Some numbers:

56 700 euros – one of the biggest wins in 2020.

5 – Giveaways we conducted on our Instagram.

18 – The number of tournaments and lotteries we had announced on our social networks.

The top 3 best new slot machines of 2020 (In my humble opinion):

  • Ghost Glyph (a funny and cartoonish game);
  • Cash Noire (I love classic detectives);
  • Wild Blood 2 (I’m not going to explain this one. try it!).

Other novelties

«Invite a friend» is the new promotion that helps us find new friends! It’s simple – invite your friend to our SpaceV team, and receive money gifts worth up to 100 euros.

All you have to do is send your friend a unique invitation link from your Profile and wait until he or she registers on our website and makes a 50 euros or higher deposit.

We also have the «Welcome Bonus».

The «Welcome Bonus» is provided after the first registration and deposit. You can get up to 1,500 euros and 150 FS. But remember: the “Welcome Bonus” depends on the country you live in!

Our hope in 2021

We are glad that 2020 is over, but we are grateful to it because we created some new ways of communication with our fans, and we hope that in 2021 we will develop these ways.

Perhaps, we’ll try to make it better! You’re Winner!

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